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Cricket is simply a sublime sport to enjoy as a punter. The live bets are unrivaled amongst many other competitive sports in the world. This is due to the fact that the games take a longer period of time to conclude giving you the chance to be more calculative with your bets, to plan carefully with time. Another reason why cricket is a must for punters is the huge amount of game selections on offer. An average game of cricket has more market selections than other games because these games conclude in a shorter time window.

This is where Unibet comes in. This sportsbook is known for its generosity all over the betting industry. Unibet's largesse extends to promotions in cricket. It offers punters free weekly £10 bets from Monday to Sunday. This bet is triggered when players wager on more than four different markets on a minimum of £10 per event including the live play. This sportsbook is so intuitive, it can be seen they made this promo specifically for test matches. For those that think that is all, they surely have another think coming because Unibet offers money back on losing teams where the loosing team scores a particular amount while going on to lose the game or when your batsman bats a 100 without getting a win.

Paddy Power Money Back Offer

We have been disappointed year in year out because we are still to witness that year where Paddy Power does not bring out a promotion on the cricket games we love. Paddy Power is particularly active on the Indian Premier League, they know how to keep churning out different promotions for their players keeping everyone on the edge of their seats till the end of the season. They are one of the kings of the money back betting offer, returning wagers for teams who bat a certain score without going on to claim the win.

Ladbrokes Booster Special

For those who would like to boost their bets, say no more. Ladbrokes has got you covered. This company is a bettors favourite with plenty promos in different competitive sports. But when it comes to cricket, Ladbrokes is know for its booster special. Select your bets after which you boost the odds. Players can boost odds each day for bets up to £50.